Sharing economy: ignore or embrace?

Sharing economy: ignore or embrace?

Sharing economy, collaborative economy, collaborative consumption, peer-to-peer, access economy, and so forth. In addition to the multitude of expressions, there seems to be an ever-increasing buzz about the sharing economy in the media. The sharing economy has been heralded as the miracle cure for various modern ailments, ranging from the sustainability crisis to the lack of community spirit. The drawbacks of the sharing economy have also been exposed: the rise of the ‘gig economy’, and the erosion of traditional employment and the security that comes with it.

Whitepaper: 5 Strategies for Market Shaping

Why do so few companies have genuinely distinct and exciting strategies? Are they stuck relying on traditional strategies that simply view markets as given assuming companies simply adapt to them?

Markets are not given, in fact markets are not - they become. They are constantly evolving as a result of companies that actively engage in market shaping strategies. Any company can choose to become a market shaper. 

This white paper gives you 5 strategies on how to shape your market, getting you started on:

  1. Making the market work in your favour
  2. Improving the current market
  3. Create a new market
  4. Innovating your business
  5. Gaining a competitive advantage in your industry

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Are solutions becoming a problem for your business?

Creating sustainable success in a ‘solution business’ is no small feat. Suvi Nenonen and Kaj Storbacka say it needs a separate business model.

Stop selling stand-alone products and start selling solutions. This seems to be the rallying cry in many industries at the moment.

Investing in the future means redefining investment

What do you do when you know your initiative is crucial for the future of your firm – but the business case looks mediocre at best? Suvi Nenonen and Kaj Storbacka offer an alternative view.

You invest to have a future. If you run your own company, you are probably painfully aware that you have to continuously spend money to make money. Upgrade the equipment, fix the wear and tear, develop new products, keep building your brand – and the list goes on and on.