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Digitalization has a profound impact on strategy and business practice in all industries. The increased connectivity provided by digital technologies creates new forms of collaboration opportunities in industrial ecosystems, new ways to monitor and manage the installed asset base, and new channel configurations with new tools to connect and influence decision making and product usage.

These changes shake many of the foundations that Strategic Account Management (SAM) is built upon. Fundamental to understanding how SAM and SAM programs should adapt is the realization that changes in SAM practices are not driven only by the emergence of new digital technologies, but rather by the modifications in strategy and business models that digitalization drives. Consequently, SAM programs need to be elevated into an even more strategic role: driving the digitally enabled strategic transformation of both firms and customers. To take on this role SAM needs to be transformed from Strategic Account Management to Strategic Ecosystem Leadership.

In parallel, SAM programs need to embrace the opportunities that digital technologies make possible in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.


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